Photos by Debra Trombly – Caught In The Act Photography

Brand New Mix from Smooth Operation Project,

Now or Never


NEW MIX OF AN OLD TUNE by Marvin Gaye, featuring Stephenie and Jeanies Son.

What’s Goin’ On

Introducing the music coming out of the recording studio “Paradise” in Burton Michigan and the Great Local Artists that are a part of it! Owned and operated by David Kinder.

The new group that I perform with, “Shaken, Not Stirred”, released an album in 2016 from a couple of sessions we did in the winter of 2015. It was a way to welcome in the new band that boasts some very professional and talented people.¬† That first CD is on the Records page with our newest CD, “The Knights of Wine and Roses.”

We are all long-time friends that have played professionally in other bands all of our lives, and now find great satisfaction in playing together recreating the great old jazz standards that we played as kid’s. What some people label as “Elevator Music”, to us, is the perfect medium to improvise and be creative with. We have played all of these songs for over 50 years, and know the arrangements well.

I look forward to all the new music we will be making in “Paradise” in the future, as well as bringing out some of the greatest sessions out of the archive, and into the light of day.
Most of this music we made for ourselves, and now share on the web. I Hope you Enjoy!

by Dave Kinder